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Posted by: Sampatshastri on 01/10/2018 04:25 AM

If the theory of Vastu Specialist is to be believed, there is a far more importance of directions than we actually tend to think. It is a kind of architectural science which emphasizes on the point that there is connection between the human and the cosmic forces of nature. We all want peace and prosperity in our lives and it is true that nature plays a important role in providing it. It is not at all a new theory which has propped up suddenly but has its existence in the prehistoric times as well. Nobody cannot deny the fact that man is directly and indirectly dependent on nature for his survival. Sun and moon provides the light, wind gives the breeze and rivers are the major sources of water and a tree provides food, shelter and air. The Vastu consultant in Kolkata says when man started constructing the dwellings it automatically came into the picture.

he art also influences your actions as well. But anyone needs to learn this art very carefully and do the correct calculation. Even a small error can bring a huge change and impact on the life of an individual. You need to clear the doubt of the visiting clients. In the recent time this art is being related to paranormal in conjunction with astrology and other such divinatory arts. If we go back to its history, it would be known that it actually originated from the ancient Greek cites like Babylonia and Alexandria and it basically followed the path of Christian mysticism.

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