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Meyer Color Sorter CF7+ Multi-usage Color Sorter

Posted by: Sebahtstian on 12/21/2017 03:15 AM

With the core technology, our CF series ANCOO plastic rice color sorter can sort anything. CF Series plastic color sorter machine can be widely used in sorting PET bottle flakes, HDPE/LDPE bottle flakes, PE/PP bottle caps and ABS/PS/PC engineering plastic and so on.

1.LED light source high spectral purity, highly stable power supply and long service life.
2.2048 CCD sensor (rice colour sorter) this typed sensor can supply characteristics of high recognition, high resolution and incomparable accuracy for customer.
3.Large flat channel with high density ejector huge quantities of materials can be processed in a short time.
4.FPGA processor the processing speed and mass data efficiency can be improved.
5.Mode switch a number of materials without replacing any parts can be processed in an easier way.
6.Large-scale, high-brightness and high-resolution colorful touch control screen this advanced screen brings an easier and more convenient operation method to our customer.
7.Double air passage system stable performance on colour sorter machine with high impurity can be ensured by this system.
8.Fault self-detection function different fault can be diagnosed by this system automatically.
rice color sorter
color sorter machine
rice colour sorter
colour sorter machine

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