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Hot Stone Massage @

Posted by: Relaxingtime on 01/12/2018 05:38 AM

One can visit affordable spa bvi for different massages which also includes massage with hot stone. The heated stones are then placed on different parts of the body which provides deep relaxation and also helps in healing various health conditions. The stone used in this therapy is rich in iron called basalt rock. It also increases blood circulation and relaxes the nervous system which and are also good for sleep like other massages. People must not be afraid of hot stone massage bvi because their temperature is first checked by the masseur or the therapist itself so that it does not harm the skin of the client. As the professional present in the spa are trained, there is no need to worry about the correctness of therapy. They know where the stones must be put and to which part it may provide relaxation. The correct points for placing stones are back, palm, between toes and also other places. The remaining part of the body is then massaged with cold stones and can be directly given without using the stone as pressure is required to relieve congestion of tissues and joints. The people who are not comfortable with touch or new to the spa can take a message in a spa which will not include touching during hot stone massage and will create a comfortable environment for the clients.

Hot stone massage bvi is nothing new as it has been practiced since ancient times till now. This massage is provided at several spas today. It does not require touch for providing relaxation instead uses stones for massaging as the name itself suggests. The stone used in the therapy are not the normal stones, but are special which retains heat for a long time. These are preheated before the treatment and are smooth with different shapes.

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