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Hot Stone Massage @

Posted by: Relaxingtime on 12/24/2017 02:49 AM

Hot stone massage bvi is supposed to be the best service for deep relaxation. This treatment not only makes a person feel pampered but is good for healing injuries and the pain caused due to it. This massage makes use a stone as the name suggests which must be flat, smooth and must absorb and retain heat for a long time. As people don't get time for relaxing they prefer visiting a spa as they gets stressed with the daily schedule which even leads to several diseases. So, it's better to make an appointment and to make the selection of the spa center in advance which will help not waste time in visiting to different spas and waiting for the turn to come. Process of hot stone spa in BVI: Before the treatment, the stones are sanitized and then are heated in water at 120 to 150 degrees temperature. Now oil is applied on the body of the customer to make it smooth for stones to glide easily. As the stones used in this therapy retain heat, they are suitable to be placed on specific parts of the body like the palm of the hands, spine and belly and the therapist may make use of its hands or cold stones for massaging other parts, specially injured parts of the body.

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