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2 factors genuinely test my patience into MU2

Posted by: fifa16coins4u on 01/16/2018 10:03 PM

The Ugly:
Oh man, two factors genuinely test my patience each time they come about.
The very first is when a mu legend zen player goes in to get a costume to give me that added bump for Endless Tower and Blood Castle only to watch it expire the following day. Listen, player hate the fact that player purchased it inside the 1st location.player do not believe the player will anymore, along with the only reason player have so far is the fact that you GAVE me the bound Redzen to buy it with. Player have under no circumstances purchased any wings.

Player invests cash in platinum service, and the player may perhaps get a more quickly mount. See, these two items are not paid two win purchases. Some would argue that the storage aspect of plat service is p2w. However, it isn't. Not in a cost-free game. You guys need to make your cash somehow, and the test of irrespective of whether a buy is p2w is two-fold; does it offer you an unfair advantage more than other players (virtually exclusively pvp ) and is the game playable without it. Storage does not provide you an unfair advantage, and yeah, you'll be able to easily play the whole game with only three tabs, the player knows, the player did it all the solution to 65 on my cheap mu legend zen key. However, the wings and costume fail Each of these tests. First, Endless and BC are Each too tricky in later stages with no the added bump in CP.

And second, the player can take that additional 9000 CP and destroy any opponents in pvp. Now, the pvp program is quite comfortable in its current format. But once it gets bigger and involves players controlling their characters, then the advantage needs to go away. Please do not ruin this game, which is lovely without it, by adding despicable p2w solutions. People WILL spend for platinum and mounts. And they're going to pay for exp potions. Please make the others go away.

Now on to my final problem, and this 1 tests my patience. The dungeon rewards system. Player has taken screenshots of my earlier one hundred dungeon runs that give items according to performance. To produce confidence, all the things were as balanced as possible; the player only utilized clear rules for the test. The player just kept records of dungeon runs that player did SOLO, and player created sure that player played every single style of the cheap mu zen dungeon, in the Room of Duty instances, regular rifts, and mythics. And player did poorly on half of them and got S's and double S's around the other half (reasonably effortless to do if you are running stage one).
So more of these can be find in now... well done, come on! so more mu legend zen cheap from us!

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